Book Your Hydrovac Truck and Crew Today

Book your hydrovac truck and crew from Fencor today. We’ll show up at your job site with everything we need to excavate around buried utilities and other sensitive areas faster than traditional, mechanical excavation or excavation by hand.

Our hydrovac vehicles can reach more than 1,000 feet from the nearest point of access. A diesel powered hot water heater, 6,000 psi water displacement system and 6,400 cdm vacuum means we can excavate the hardest frozen ground or finest, lightest sand.

Work with Fencor and you get more

When you book your hydrovac truck and crew from Fencor, we send at least one foreman with a minimum of five years industry experience to oversee our daylighting crew.

Hydrovac might be the only reasonable way to get your excavation done on time and without damaging the buried utilities you need to protect.

Put hydrovac to work on your site for…

  1. Excavation around any underground services like gas, hydro of fibre-optic cables
  2. Slot trenching
  3. Water box repair
  4. Catch basin cleanup
  5. Excavation around tree roots
  6. Any sensitive jobs where easy removal of the excavated material is required

Book your truck and crew today and get your project back on schedule with fast, clean and precise hydro excavation from the experienced team at Fencor.