Daylighting services are required when you want to uncover and expose underground or buried utilities, such as:

  1. Gas mains or water valves
  2. Pipelines or drainage systems
  3. Architectural or building support items

Daylighting is beneficial because it can provide visual confirmation of existing utility facilities and infrastructure components.

However it needs to be done safely to provide minimal disruption to the ground and to prevent damage to the utilities being exposed.

Daylighting services from Fencor are safe, reliable and a cost-effective alternative to conventional excavation methods.

Trenching services

Our daylighting services include:

  1. Pipe and cable-crossing location under roads, rail lines and other infrastructure
  2. High pressure water removes soil to ensure metal components never touch buried lines
  3. Conveying soil and water debris directly into a dedicated storage tank
  4. Non-destructive vacuum excavation or hydro excavation digging methods
  5. Dewatering and debris clean out services

Equipment and crew

Your Daylighting Machine

Our daylighting machines can be used for a variety of applications in any project environment:

  • Oil & gas pipeline exploration
  • Residential neighbourhoods
  • Commercial projects
  • Municipal infrastructure
Our Crew

We send skilled and experienced contractors to your location:

  • Crew foreman with minimum 5 years of industry experience
  • Full staff trained in standard safety best practices

Get us to work for you

Daylightling is a vital element to discovering existing utilities prior to beginning your project.

It needs to be done on time and to your exact specifications. There can be no compromise.

We have three ways for you to reach us:

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