Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch basins are usually built along the curb line and are a vital part of drainage infrastructure by:

  1. Allowing storm water to drain away from roads
  2. Trapping organic and waste materials from entering the sewage system
  3. Reducing odours, substances and other unwanted pollutants associated with storm water

When catch basins are clogged or not functioning properly, they lose their ability catch sediment and prevent flooding.

Catch basin cleaning from Fencor is an effective and cost-efficient way to prevent pollutants from reaching protected water bodies.

Catch basin cleaning maintenance

Our catch basin cleaning services include:

  1. Removing garbage and other sediments trapped in the sump
  2. Using the suction power of hydrovac truck rentals to suck, store and dispose of excess water
  3. Properly collecting and disposing of dangerous organic materials which could be classified as hazardous waste
  4. Clearing snow and ice during winter months and cold weather
  5. Flushing out catch basin sludge from drains and other vital components

Equipment and crew

Your Hydrovac Truck

Our trucks can be used for a variety of hydrovac applications, including catch basin cleaning with:

  • 6400 CFM vacuum
  • 6000 PSI water displacement hose
  • Diesel powered hot water heater

Our Crew

We send skilled and industry-experienced contractors to your location:

  • Crew foreman with minimum 5 years of industry experience
  • Full staff trained in standard best practices

Get us to work for you

Clean catch basins are critical to keeping systems and waterways free of contaminants and pollutants.

Otherwise, it could back up, flood and cause heavy and costly damage to your facility.

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