Concrete Sound Barrier Fencing Textures and Styles

Although residential and commercial properties have different needs for concrete sound barrier fencing – whether it’s to block sound, create a security perimeter or make a boundary around the building – a common concern is that the final result won’t match the landscaping and construction that’s already in place.

That’s why Fencor’s concrete sound barrier fencing comes with several texture and style options, allowing us to an create eye-catching, appealing design that still performs expertly for any property. Our StoneTree concrete wall system is made to not only meet the soundproofing and security needs of our customers, but to bring a dimension of beauty to any building – all in a strong, durable and long-lasting product.

How Fencor’s Concrete Sound Barrier Fencing Offers Beautiful Textures and Styles

Fencor’s StoneTree concrete wall system consists of high quality engineered precast concrete and comes with these benefits:

  1. High quality engineered precast concrete construction utilizing natural stone and architectural formed finishes, resulting in a long-lasting and multi-purpose system
  2. Engineered and designed for quality and attention to detail. The final result must not only function, but look good doing it
  3. Formed finish with intricate detail on both sides
  4. Designs made to enhance the landscape design of any project
  5. Choice. Natural concrete, coloured with integral pigments, and/or stained allows us to accommodate any design
  6. Highly defined textured form liners that capture the natural detail and textures of a variety of stone designs, creating the authentic appearance of a hand-laid wall
  7. Options for custom designed form liners for special projects that require a distinctive stand-alone appearance

Fencor can provide you with two distinct concrete sound barrier fencing options, including:

  1. Signature Brick
  2. Stacked Stone

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