Hydrovac Excavators for Every Job

Hydrovac trucks are brought in for hydro-excavation. It’s one of the best ways to excavate in challenging locations, like those near utilities. Our state-of-the-art hydrovac excavators have been tested and used for a variety of construction applications, including:

  1. Trenching
  2. Daylighting
  3. Catch basin cleaning
  4. Tree root exposure
  5. Pot holing

Our hydrovac excavators allow us to work in a wide range of job sites that may pose different challenges to traditional excavation tools due to the environment. We reach your site with a 6400 CFM vacuum featuring a 6000 psi water displacement hose and diesel powered hot water heater, allowing us to safely and efficiently excavate regardless of weather or frozen ground. This, combined with our multiple-decades of industry experience, makes Fencor a superior, reliable choice for hydro-excavation.

Services We Provide with Our Hydrovac Excavators

With our modern hydrovac trucks we can:

  1. Quickly and precisely excavate holes to make room for things such as fence posts, sign poles and pillars in the vicinity of underground services such as gas, hydro or fibre-optic cables
  2. Dig trenches and remove refuse in one quick action
  3. Complete a full water box repair
  4. Clear out catch basins in a flash
  5. Daylight up to 1,ooo ft away from the most accessible point on site
  6. Expose tree roots on sensitive jobs

When we send a crew to your site, we ensure you get at least one foreman with a minimum of five years industry experience and professional staff trained to follow and exceed all standard safety practices.