Trenching is a common task performed on numerous job sites for such tasks as:

  1. Installing underground piping, wiring or other support elements
  2. Constructing utility or maintenance tunnels
  3. Installing gas mains or water lines

Trenches are usually dug deeper than they are wide.

They need to be dug safely and to specifications, or else problems may occur.

Slot trenching services from Fencor ensures that deep trenches are dug properly with minimal destruction and ground disturbance.

Trenching services

Our slot trenching services include:

  1. Manoeuvring around obstacles to install lines and pipes without compromising plans or blueprints
  2. Able to trench and dig in a variety of ground surfaces, including concrete, grass, rock and turf
  3. Shoring up walls to prevent cave-ins or trench collapses
  4. Variety of trenchers available for precise digging according to measurements and industry need
  5. Backfill machines to fill trenches once they’re dug and populated

Equipment and crew

Our Hydrovac Trucks

Our trenching machines can be used for a variety of applications in any project environment:

  • Heavy construction
  • Residential
  • Commercial projects
  • Municipal infrastructure
Our Crew

We send skilled and experienced contractors to your location:

  • Crew foreman with minimum 5 years of industry experience/li>
  • Full staff trained in standard safety best practices

Get us to work for you

Trenching is a vital element to installing key infrastructure components.

It needs to be done on time and to your exact specifications. There can be no compromise.

We have three ways for you to reach us:

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