Creating High Quality Concrete Sound Barrier Fencing

At Fencor, we create high quality concrete sound barrier fencing for both commercial and residential properties, combining superior functionality with an eye-catching and appealing design. Our products are built to last and provide our customers a variety of options – multiple, unique designs from which they can choose to ensure the sound proof fencing is the right style for their residential or commercial property.

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The Fencor StoneTree Concrete Fence

What makes a Fencor fence better than the alternatives?

Our sound proof fencing utilizes the Fencor StoneTree concrete wall system, which consists of high quality engineered precast concrete, natural stone and architectural formed finishes. This results in a long-lasting, multi-purpose system that never looks out of place.

Fencor StoneTree concrete wall systems also incorporate highly defined textured form liners that capture the natural details and textures of a wide range of stone designs, providing an authentic appearance that mimics that of a hand laid wall. We also offer custom designed form liners for special projects that require a distinctive stand-alone appearance.

What Customers Can Expect From Fencor

When you choose Fencor to build your concrete sound barrier fencing, you get more than your average fence.

  1. Sound reflective fencing created with the Fencor StoneTree concrete wall system, using pre-cast concrete panels with a formed textured appearance on both sides
  2. A multifunctional product that can act as a sound barrier, security wall and boundary wall
  3. Formed finish, with intricate details on both walls
  4. A minimum of a 50 year life cycle
  5. Multiple designs from which to choose

We’re proud to provide our customers with concrete sound barrier fencing that comes with quality details, a wide range of options and a long lifespan with great value per dollar.

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