Precast Concrete Walls

At Fencor, we utilize the Fencor StoneTree concrete wall system to create precast concrete walls for commercial and residential properties.

Engineered with unmatched quality and attention to detail, it’s designed to last long and fit where a wide range of functions are required, including sound interruption, security and boundaries, and come with multiple designs to choose from.

We also emphasize functional but eye-catching designs, creating quality precast concrete walls that are also appealing, with options to match a wide range of properties. These StoneTree concrete wall systems incorporate highly defined textured form liners that capture the natural detail and textures of a wide range of stone designs, resulting in the authentic appearance you’d expect from hand laid walls. We can also craft custom designed form liners for special projects that require a distinctive stand-alone appearance.

Why Choose Fencor Precast Concrete Walls?

Precast concrete walls from Fencor come with a number of advantages. These include:

  1. The utilization of high quality engineered precast concrete that utilizes natural stone and architectural formed finishes, resulting in a long-lasting, multi-purpose system
  2. Combo-cast technology, which allows us to produce and install a competitively priced StoneTree system that is able to compete with cedar fences that incorporate custom masonry and precast pillars
  3. StoneTree Patented Panel and Column Design, which provides a rigid footing support system at the center of the column, offering added strength, safety and stability, with the wall and column segments supported by 10mm galvanized steel I-beams and engineered to withstand a 150 km wind load and meet and exceed the local building codes, including seismic activity
  4. Multi-purpose use for commercial, residential and industrial projects, including sound barriers, security walls and boundary walls
  5. A formed finish with intricate detail on both sides
  6. Options for natural concrete walls and pillars coloured with built-in pigments, and/or stained to accommodate any design
  7. A minimum 50 year life cycle, offering a long-lasting product

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